Protect Handmade Cigars; Write President Trump and the FDA!

New federal rules are hurting the handmade cigar industry. So, if you love a great smoke, write officials in Washington who have the power to reverse the hurt put on cigars by the nannies in the former Obama Administration. Protect Handmade Cigars. That means writing anyone from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence…
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Some Top Cigars for 2017 … So Far

An Internet sample of some of 2017's top cigars. Judge the list's veracity yourself. Some are sold by the web sites promoting them. Others, including Cigar Advisor and Leaf Enthusiast, are generally sites that review and rate cigars ...   BROSTRICK.COM: 17 Best Cigars We're Obsessed With in 2017  Montecristo ’80th Anniversary No. 2′ Romeo…
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Manuel Quesada and the Dominican Republic family's iconic Fonseca brand are gearing up to fiercely compete with an eventual influx of Cuban cigars.   [caption id="attachment_2732" align="alignright" width="199"] Fonseca Cigar[/caption] In fact, Quesada told Bloomberg News that he believes many cigars generated under the oppressive Castro regime are inferior. He also is infuriated that Cuban cigars…
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