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Celebrate. But Don’t Drive Drunk. Get FREE Tow Some Holiday Weekends

You’ve worked hard all week and deserve a little downtime with friends and family. But if you go out to share an adult beverage or two, do NOT drive drunk. Ever. That’s especially true if there’s FREE towing and a ride home available. And even if you’ve gotten away driving drunk before, the potential is…
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Cigars for Warriors: Make a Soldier Smile With a Little Taste of Home

Donate cigars to honor our troops through Cigars for Warriors, which makes it a top priority to send cigars and accessories to soldiers serving in combat zones.   Plug in a Zip Code to Find Local Donation Centers Meet the People Who Make Cigars for Warriors Possible American Soldiers Around the World Enjoying a Cigar…
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Cigars Get FDA Reprieve. Exemption Near?

Premium cigars have been granted nearly four more years to comply with rigorous federal testing requirements, and some see this as a sign that the industry may eventually be exempted from these guidelines. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, is seeking a permanent exemption for premium cigars from the Food and Drug Administration guidelines under the Family Smoking Prevention and…
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Protect Handmade Cigars; Write President Trump and the FDA!

New federal rules are hurting the handmade cigar industry. So, if you love a great smoke, write officials in Washington who have the power to reverse the hurt put on cigars by the nannies in the former Obama Administration. Protect Handmade Cigars. That means writing anyone from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence…
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