STOP! Do not read any further.

Facebook, Google, Twitter and other Social Media/Internet * Censors * do not want you to see!

You will not be treated like an adult.  Only your nanny knows best.  You no longer have the right to decide on your own as a free citizen living in the United States of America or anyplace else that values free will.

You no longer have the right to freely choose.  You only see what Zuckerberg, Page, Brin, Dorsey, Williams, Stone, Glass and other modern-day moguls with a strong Orwell fetish want you to see.

‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,’ Dorothy.

Their anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol advertising policies are so broad and inflexible that they can’t even recognize that is not a retail site.

* Nothing * is sold directly on merely lists all the things you can see and do while enjoying a fine, natural cigar grown from all the riches that Mother Nature provides.

In fact, Cigars are a deeply imbedded * Cultural * component of Tampa Bay's diverse * History. * is a * Lifestyle * site.  It’s a * Cultural * site.  It's an *Historical * site.

These anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol advertising policies of Facebook, Twitter, Google and others should * not * apply to, which only seeks to further Tampa Bay's rich cultural and historical heritage.

And this heritage is carried on to the present day with literally dozens of cigar stores throughout the Tampa Bay region, perhaps more stores and hand-rolled tobacco artists per capita than virtually any other city this side of Miami. merely lists these stores as part of fabric of the Tampa Bay’s rich tapestry of culture and entertainment that is so inextricably tied to the region’s proud history.

And if they take this simple right away, can we really believe them when they tell us they’re not engaging in censorship elsewhere?

Zuckerberg, Page, Brin, Dorsey, Williams, Stone, Glass aren’t our parents.  They should stop treating Americans – and the rest of the freedom-loving world - like children.

There's only one way to spell Facebook and Twitter and Google, and it certainly isn't F-R-E-E-D-O-M.

Mike Kersmarki, Managing Editor,


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